Fears and Phobias

Fears and phobias can come in so many guises, and can be as gentle as making you say “ugh”, or as extreme as making your heart race, sweating, jump up on a chair at the sight of a spider or mouse, or run screaming out of the room.

This is a wide-ranging sector. Whatever your fear or phobia, it’s a big deal to you. Whether it be fear of flying, heights, spiders, snakes, mice, dogs, or something less obvious, CBH can gently help you accept it in your life.

With the use of relaxation techniques, visualisation, exposure therapy and hypnosis, we will work together, at a rate that you find comfortable to overcome your fear or phobia, and to what extent. For instance, if you have a fear of spiders; your goal may not be to allow a tarantula to walk up your arm, but to be able to walk into a room without constant scanning, moving cushions and furniture just in case a spider is lurking, and to be calm if you do see one and be able to put it out of the window using a glass and card. We will work towards your goal, whatever your fear or phobia.

Phobias Spiders