To quote W.C. Fields, “The best cure for insomnia is to get a lot of sleep.” If only it were that easy.

Short-term sleeplessness actually does very little harm to your well-being, however if it continues for a few nights, or even longer, it can make life a misery and eventually can start to affect your health.

We will start by doing an assessment to understand what is causing your sleep issues, then look at the history of your sleep problems, your evening schedule, any medical conditions. You will be asked to keep a sleep diary.

I will show you some facts and figures about sleeping conditions and suggest some sensible changes you can make to help you sleep better.

I will teach you some relaxation techniques, some thought re-training and hypnotherapy which will encapsulate all that we have covered and help you make the changes to aid better sleep.

The Insomnia Course will be a minimum of 2 sessions, but can be as many as 6 or more, depending on the cause and duration.

Insomnia can feel isolating. We will work through this together to help you enjoy a good nights’ sleep.