COVID-19 & Jan Parker Therapies

Hypnotherapy – Open for Business

I specialise in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy, which is an effective treatment for many anxiety conditions, including fears and phobias, panic attacks, irritable bowel syndrome, personal performance anxiety, smoking cessation, insomnia, weight loss, mild to moderate depression, plus many more. These sessions can be successfully conducted via the Internet using FaceTime, WhatsApp, Zoom, etc. So for hypnotherapy I’m very much open for business.

For an information chat with no obligation, please phone 07776 238812 or email

Please keep well and happy.

Reflexology – Open for Business from 26th April 2021

The Scottish Government has given the go ahead for reflexology treatments to recommence from Monday 26th April 2021. I will start practicing again from this date, adhering to the regulations laid down by the Association of Reflexologists, CNHC and my insurers, all of which covers the Governments legislation.

I will be working in my treatment room in Clathy, Perthshire and The Natural Clinic in Crieff.  To find out the precautions I will be putting in place and what I will ask clients to adhere to, please contact me.  Everybody’s welfare and safety is of prime importance, whilst also providing you with a comfortable and enjoyable reflexology treatment.

Jan Parker of Jan Parker Therapies

Weight Control

It’s all too easy to go on a diet with good intentions, only to lose interest after a very short period of time. This can lead you to feel as if you’ve failed, you can become demoralised and as a result, often start eating more.

The best way to lose or control your weight is to adopt a new eating regime whereby you don’t feel hungry and you’re eating healthy food that you enjoy. In this way, once your target weight has been met, you can maintain a balanced, healthy eating regime for life.

Sounds easy? It could be.

At the initial consultation we will explore what lead you to become overweight (or underweight) so that we can deal with any underlying issues. We will then identify a dieting method that suits you and your lifestyle, and look at exercise.

Relaxation will play a part in helping with boredom and habitual eating, and hypnotherapy will help with your self-esteem and strengthening your ego and resolve.

This lays the foundation for a new regime for life.

Weight Loss