Weight Control

It’s all too easy to go on a diet with good intentions, only to lose interest after a very short period of time. This can lead you to feel as if you’ve failed, you can become demoralised and as a result, often start eating more.

The best way to lose or control your weight is to adopt a new eating regime whereby you don’t feel hungry and you’re eating healthy food that you enjoy. In this way, once your target weight has been met, you can maintain a balanced, healthy eating regime for life.

Sounds easy? It could be.

At the initial consultation we will explore what lead you to become overweight (or underweight) so that we can deal with any underlying issues. We will then identify a dieting method that suits you and your lifestyle, and look at exercise.

Relaxation will play a part in helping with boredom and habitual eating, and hypnotherapy will help with your self-esteem and strengthening your ego and resolve.

This lays the foundation for a new regime for life.

Weight Loss