Smoking Cessation

Giving up smoking can be difficult. You may have tried it before and quit for a while, but then found yourself slipping back into the habit.

If you’re motivated to give up, with Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy, you’ll stand the best chance of being successful.

It all starts with you making the phone call. After an informal chat, I will take some initial information from you and I can send you an assessment form to fill out before your appointment, or this can be completed when we meet and will ask you to note your smoking habits.

When we meet, we will cover some very interesting facts about smoking, some of which I’m sure you won’t be aware of and will find motivational. We will explore your smoking habits so that you can understand what is leading you into lighting the next cigarette. I will teach you some relaxation techniques, visual imagery, rehearse some coping skills and then I will use hypnosis to help you achieve your goal. Lastly, I will give you some relapse prevention techniques.

The Smoking Cessation course will last 2 to 3 hours and can be held in one or two appointments.

The aim is at the completion of this course you will be a non-smoker!

Smoking Cessation